Senior Frontend Engineer

Angle Technologies AG in Zurich area



Valerius Huonder


IT / Internet
Software developer, Full time

Offering Equity


Modern technology has but scratched at its potential to enable great conversations. Our mission is to change that. We believe that the more conversations people have, the better place the world becomes. Angle brings down the hurdle to enter a conversation to as low as a single tap - enabling people to make their online experience much more human.

We’re a small team with diverse backgrounds. We studied engineering, physics, immunology, architecture, design and communications in Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Japan and Hong Kong. We learned the tools of our trade at Uber, IDEO, Arthur D. Little and in tech startups. We’re backed by a mission-driven VC as well as several angels and advisors. 👉

We embrace your nerdiness. As an engineer at Angle, you get to fully experience the joy of coding, without the hassles engineers at larger companies often struggle with. We don’t have lengthy decision processes, what counts are outcomes. You want to use a fancy new tool because it makes you more productive and/or it looks like fun to use? As long as it gets the job done, go for it, we’re in!

We have two core values:

  • ❤️ Speak honestly: We speak our minds, to uncover our own and each other’s perceived truths early. So we can maximize trust, make great decisions and minimize the number of elephants 🐘 in the room.
  • 💪 Take initiative:We are in the driver seat - each of us. We don’t wait. We’re not “blocked”. Being proactive means thinking for ourselves what needs to be done and taking the necessary steps without needing to be prompted.
The job

As our Senior Frontend Engineer, you will

  • use cutting edge technologies like React, Next.js, TypeScript, Styled-Components, Recoil, react-query, AWS, Serverless, MongoDB and many more
  • be part of a small, highly motivated and very skilled team
  • co-own the entire front- & back-end lifecycle, from conceptual design, development, testing to release
  • have a lot of fun coding something great and challenge our mad ping-pong or board game skills 🏓🎲🍻

You get excited by the above and relate to our core values. Additionally, you are:

  • An experienced Frontend engineer. Ideally, you
    • know all the newest TypeScript features you have used null-coalescing and type-guards and you’re excited to use generalized index signatures
    • have worked with all kinds of browser APIs and know all the caveats and gotchas of writing software for different browsers
    • have a deep understanding of CSS and have built complex responsive layouts in previous projects
    • have worked with NodeJS and have a basic understanding of express, Nest or any serverless NodeJS framework
    • have already set up and deployed a frontend project from scratch
  • A Maker. You are independent and excited about building great apps
  • Driven. You make it happen, whatever it takes. You enjoy challenges and play to win.
  • Fluent in English and based in Zurich or near surroundings

  • The rare opportunity to join an early-stage tech startup entering growth stage
  • Industry-standard compensation
  • Workplace in the heart of Zurich – endless supply of fragrant coffee, fantastic lunch spots and the burbling river Limmat nearby
  • Team brunches, team dinners, and occasional team events outside of Zurich
We're just at the beginning of our journey. The best is yet to come, and we want to get there with you. Sounds interesting? Then forward your LinkedIn profile or your CV to We look forward to hearing from you!

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