Full-Stack Software Engineer to build mission-critical AI with founding team

Lakera AI AG in Zurich area



David Haber


IT / Internet
Software developer, Full time

Offering Equity


Lakera is hiring a pragmatic Full Stack Software Engineer to help build out its SDK for mission-critical AI.

This is your opportunity to apply your skills to one of the biggest challenges of our day: ensuring that artificial intelligence is safe and ethical. In this role, you will develop the technology that takes AI development from the wild west to a mature engineering discipline, making AI ready to be deployed in the most mission-critical environments (e.g. hospitals, cars, manufacturing). Are you up for the challenge?

Who we are.

Lakera is enabling a world where AI is safe, trustworthy, and ethical. We build technology that redefines what’s possible while saving lives and driving the next technological revolution. We shape AI regulations that set the playing field for years to come.

We have built massively complex software at Google, developed safety-critical AI across industries, and helped the EU define what it means to regulate AI. Our team consists of experienced entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists with MSc’s and PhD’s from the world’s leading institutions (University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, Max-Planck Institute, Ponts ParisTech). Join our growing team!

What can you expect from us?

  • An opportunity to have a real impact on a massively ambitious vision.
  • A chance to conceive, develop, and launch new software products that redefine ML development from scratch.
  • Work directly with the founding team to drive Lakera’s core technology development.
  • A very fast paced and exciting work environment, with great opportunities for personal growth.
  • Freedom to get things done.
  • An opportunity to develop very marketable skills at the intersection of software engineering and cutting edge artificial intelligence.
  • A lot of fun.
  • Comprehensive compensation package.

Your day to day responsibilities.

  • Design and implement Lakera’s latest product features in close collaboration with the founders. You have responsibility across the whole technology stack.
  • Drive the front-end development of Lakera’s product with great user experience in mind.
  • Manage the product’s back-end so that our algorithms run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Help maintain Lakera’s DevOps stack.
  • Help in the creation and management of communities around mission-critical AI.

About you.

None of these are strict requirements, but do illustrate what type of people would be most effective at Lakera right now. Ideally you

  • have 2+ years of professional software development experience
  • are familiar with typical web stack technologies such as Python, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
  • have a strong sense for product/customer needs
  • enjoy working on a wide range of problems, from back-end infrastructure to front-end and user experience
  • are a frequent contributor to open-source projects and active participant in open-source communities
  • have an eye for pragmatism, enjoy taking ownership, being hands-on, and getting things done while being mindful of our longer-term vision
  • are excited about a front-row seat in a fast growing, early-stage company (a rapidly changing, ambiguous and undefined environment)
  • have an interest in AI safety, ethics & regulations.

If you've built (or have ideas for building) your own products you will fit right in. Let’s get the conversation started!

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