Accounting wizard with software development interests or understanding

iprotus GmbH in Central Switzerland




IT / Internet
Accounting, Freelance

Offering Equity


iprotus GmbH is one of the old companies in Crypto Valley, now working on a couple of new start-up projects. We are looking for someone to assist us with building accounting software compliant with Swiss style (regulation, standards, interface towards MWST, tax, AHV etc.) and who ideally also has some exposure to crypto currencies and blockchain, and who like to think out of the box and create new things in a very small and innovative team. Various models can be discussed in relation to remuneration, and the engagement can range from full time to freelance, potential equity, depending on how we organize it. The tasks are initially to assist with defining a functional specification for a new type of accounting system we are developing, but also help with normal office tasks such as accounting, payrolling, tax etc. We are based in Zug, and working environment is predominantly remote at least during the Covid pandemic. Preference towards someone young and local.

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