Amfora Zurich regional manager -- co-founder level position

Amfora GMBH in Zurich area



Eurof Uppington


Business development, Full time

Offering Equity


We’re looking for a Co-founder (or co-founding team) to lead our expansion into the Zurich market. We started in Geneva because that’s where we live, but in the biggest, richest and most open urban market in the Confederation our potential is higher. We now have a stable and incredibly attractive product and need to take it across the Röstigraben. We’re looking for a combination of hustle, organisation, network building, sales skillz, and enthusiasm. This is a senior, incredibly important role for us your impact on Amfora’s development, on olive farming in Greece, and on how people eat in Zurich, will be profound. YOU ARE: An individual, or possibly a team Committed to impact, sustainability and transparency in food Commercial and scrappy Fully aware that a good extra virgin olive oil is the basis of all western cuisine YOU KNOW: Hochdeutsch, Schweizerdeutsch and English Who is who in the food scene in ZH How to communicate effectively with chefs, bosses, normal people and kids How to hire, inspire, and fix a tire YOU CAN: Drive places and deliver (or know someone who can) Store stuff somewhere cool and dry See the long term goal but know short term execution is the way to get there Learn everything there is to know about extra virgin olive oil super quick In return, Amfora can offer you co-founder status in a fast growing future unicorn, regular travel to Greece (and possibly elsewhere), and a project that creates meaning in your and others lives. We may even pay you!

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