Software Engineering Intern

Parquery AG in Zurich area



Andrea Fossati


IT / Internet
Software developer, Full time

Offering Equity


We are an ETH Spinoff focused on making mobility in our large cities easier and smarter!

Our perfect candidate:
➔ Knows C++ and Python
➔ Knows a basic set of software design patterns
➔ Interested in Computer Vision and Deep Learning
➔ Can join us for at least 5 months at our Zurich office

What we offer:
➔ Engineering challenges (60%) and research challenges (40%)
➔ Experience with Deep Learning
➔ Hands-on experience with cloud computing & system architecture
➔ Excellent engineering mentoring (teaching diploma in Comp Sc.)
➔ Excellent research mentoring (3 Computer Vision Ph.Ds ETHZ)
➔ Competitive salary

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