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IT / Internet
Software developer, Full time

Offering Equity



CHF 50 - CHF 50

We are looking for a future leader that brings IT prowess and experience in delivering robust software products to the market. As one of three founders you will have the unique opportunity to join a nascent startup with non-dilutive seed funding, world class university support and first customers lined up.

Your task
You will be designing and building the future of automation and IoT in life sciences. Together we will design new, game changing user interaction for robots working in laboratories: any scientists should be able to automate life science labs in minutes instead of days. This will be possible because of our unique approach in combining robotic intelligence, open internet of instruments and commercial robotic arms. We will directly impact the productivity, work quality, reproducibility and safety in laboratories shaping the future of health, food, sustainable energy and science.
You will be the main person in charge of overlooking the software architectural decisions within the company and orchestrate the entire application lifecycle (concept, design, test, release and support). You are expected to take care of the delivery process, making sure that the software is robust and secure, and is continuously improved in close collaboration with our customers.
UniteLabs is one of the driving forces within SiLA standard consortium. You will have an opportunity to contribute defining the future standard in device to device communication in the industrial laboratory automation.
As a co-founder, you will be paid under-market salary of 50k CHF for the first year. We consider, that 50% of your time is an investment to the future of this company and will be compensated with appropriate shares. Your future compensation will be strongly dependent on the success of our company and direct impact of your work and ideas. For the time being, our offices are located in Basel, Switzerland, but we will also have irregular work days in Zurich.

Desired profile
You have completed a computer science related degree or possess equivalent practical experience, and know how to design and deliver software from scratch. You share our values to found a successful company:

  • Desire to understand from first principles and to improve continuously.
  • Valuing high quality, scalability and sustainability over the speed of development.
  • Valuing clear and efficient communication and caring about the team.
  • Your contribution should have a meaningful impact in the society.
  • Risk is an opportunity.

Desired skillset
You have experience in the relevant technical fields:
  • Mastery of one or more of the following programming languages: Python, Java, and C/C++
  • Experience in IoT technology stacks across the OSI layers (Transport protocols, messaging protocols, security layers etc.)
  • Knowledge of web application architectures:
    • Restful API architecture
    • Experience in web applications requiring real-time, two-way communication
    • Proficiency in JavaScript, jQuery and some frontend framework (such as AngularJS)
    • Proficiency in some backend framework (e.g. Django, Rails, .NET)
  • Knowledge in scalable server infrastructure
  • Social intelligence and leadership skills/mindset.
The skills above are absolutely necessary to succeed as the software architect co-founder. However, there will always be an opportunity to learn along the way.

Assisting skills/experience
Your role as a startup co-founder requires solving a wide range problems involving diverse set of skills and constant adaptation. At first, your work involves mostly software development. But as the organisation grows, the work involves increasing amount of coordinating other people. The following skills and experience would assist in our success:
  • Contributions to/Coordination of open-source projects
  • Experience in algorithms, data structures, complexity analysis, and software design
  • Exposure to DevOps and continuous deployment practice
  • Basics of IT Security
  • Familiarity with ROS and/or other robot software architectures
  • Familiarity with Micro Service Architectures in general such as gRPC
  • Familiarity/Experience with computer vision algorithms and tools
  • Experience in working in a leader position
  • Experience in our application environment: Lab IT, biosciences, robotics, lab automation etc.

We donít expect you to have these skills, but they will bring you an advantage in succeeding in your job and tackling future challenges.

Send your freestyle application to with your CV, a project portfolio showcasing your work and any other relevant documents attached!

About UniteLabs
UniteLabs is building a novel automation platform by combining proprietary robotic intelligence, open internet of instruments and commercial robotic arms. This will allow life scientists to automate tedious life science laboratory work at unseen ease and flexibility. A demo of our first prototype can be found here:
We are two engineers Pioneer Fellows from ETH Zurich with a complementary background (molecular biology, biotechnology as well as mechanical engineering and robotics). We already have our first customer projects lined up and are mentored by key people in the industry.
Contact us for more details: or +41 79 517 74 44 (Max Schulz)

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