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Personalized and self-adapting training plans based on existing youtube fitness videos.
Let me describe the idea and convince you to join!:

There are millions of youtube fitness videos with a high degree of variety with respect to length, fitness instructor, trained parts of the body, difficulty, etc. When a user wants to find a personally suited workout, he/she possibly has to zip through many videos or repeat a video which already proved to be good. Moreover, amateurs often fail to a sequence of videos which is consistent with personal goals and knowledge about biological processes induced by the workout.†

A recommender system for youtube sport videos implementing an artificial sports trainer which personalizes video suggestions by incorporating a userís history and fitness objectives. It allows the user to filter for video feature criteria, such as workout duration and difficulty.† The suggested videos are consistent with knowledge about biochemical processes, maximizing the yield of the userís workout.†

What can I offer:
Experience: - Consulting project with Start-Ups, - Master Science in Statistics (focus Data Mining) and Industrial Engineering and Management - Technical as well as Business Knowledge, - 6 months full time work on it - up to 50% equity share - Looking for a co-founder who is as motivated as me!:)

What you should be able to:
- Have general technical expertise e.g. HTML, PHP, Python, Ruby to develop this idea as a co-founder

- Text me and we can meet for a coffee to discuss ideas!

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