Electronics Hardware Engineer

Daedalean AG in Zurich area




Hardware developer, Full time

Offering Equity


Daedalean is a Zürich-based startup with a mission to build a certified airworthy autopilot that can pass the human commercial pilot license exam. We have experts in the fields of robotics, computer vision, machine learning and avionics, who come from academic (ETH, Imperial College, Oxford University, etc.) and industrial backgrounds (Google, SpaceX, SEGA, etc.). We are one of only four Swiss companies that were ed for funding through the Horizon 2020 SME instrument scheme and we are partnering up with some of the most exciting electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle producers around the world. Your role will be to oversee the development of innovative hardware, with an initial focus on computer vision. We need someone who can go from system requirements and analysis down to PCB layout, bus timings, and FPGA debugging. You e eager to join a team that has a development cycle measured in weeks rather than years, and where you will be responsible for shaping the hardware that runs our algorithms.

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