Electronics and software development for a portable haptic interface

Foldaway Haptics in Lausanne area




IT / Internet
Hardware developer, Full time

Offering Equity


Description and objectives
At Foldaway Haptics, we are developing a haptic interface, a kind of 3D mouse that allows the user to perceive the environment through touch. The interface will be used in Virtual Reality interaction and in controlling mobile robots. Device novelty resides in the mechanical development and design. Activities to be executed by the candidate: We need to develop effective demos for the technology. There are several APIs available online such as Chai3D, OpenHaptics, and the Open Source H3DAPI. We want to use one of them (Chai3D would be our favourite http://www.chai3d.org/ ) with the under development hardware. We want eventually our haptic interface to interact with other SW (Photoshop) or OS (windows) to use it as a novel computer mouse with added interactive capabilities. Design of electronic boards containing motor drivers, analogue, digital sensors etc. would be part of the activity.

Required skills

  • Excellent programming skills (C, C++, python) experience in firmware, drivers development
  • Strong work independence. Since candidate capabilities would be complementary to the rest of the team (roboticist) the candidate should have strong motivation and problem solving skills
  • Experience in embedded systems programming (Arduino or other microcontrollers) and communication protocols
  • Knowledge and experience in electronic boards design and realization

Optional competences
  • Experience in smartphone applications design
  • Experience in robot control

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