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Do you want to do something meaningful?

Veezoo is a very young startup with less than 10 employees and an incredibly exciting future. We are building the company brain, helping everyone from the C-Suite to the junior employees take business-critical decisions based on data. Whenever they need an information, they can simply ask Veezoo - in plain English - and it will answer with an insightful data visualization.

Before Veezoo, only those gifted with technical skills could interact with company data effectively. Others were either completely dependending on those technical demigods, needing to spend time, money and social niceties to get answers. Or they were simply left to making decisions based on guesses rather than data. Veezoo lets you stop guessing and gets you hard facts. Everyone from the intern to the CEO can now make better decisions, faster.

Some of Switzerland’s most renowned financial companies are already being onboarded with Veezoo, and we are looking to scale those efforts in Switzerland and Germany.

For this we are hiring the first person at Veezoo to be entirely responsible for Marketing & Communication

In this role, you will be the first one to be entirely responsible for creating and telling the Veezoo story. You will use any media available to help companies see that Veezoo is creating something valuable for them. As the first person responsible for this job, you will have a huge impact on the success of our company.

Key Responsibilities

  • Performing market research and understanding the customer need
  • Developing the Veezoo story, brand and positioning
  • Communicating it through diverse media: social, web, presentations, …

  • Entrepreneurial, pro-active and creative thinking
  • Exceptional communication and writing skills in English and German
  • Great layout and designing skills
  • Well-organized and detail oriented
  • Honest & Ethical behavior at all times

  • Experience with SAP, SAP HANA and Business Intelligence Software
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS and web development tools
  • Proven experience as marketing specialist
Apart from an important role in the startup, Veezoo offers you a challenging and ambitious mission that will push you to learn new things and thrive. With a high degree of freedom, a very flat hierarchy and an attractive work location at the Technopark in Zurich, you will be able to combine high quality work with purpose and joy.

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