Mechanical Engineer( potential Co-Founder )

PROlivumUNO in Zurich area



Pierluigi Pippi


Electronic / Mechanic industry
other, Part time

Offering Equity



CHF 6000 - CHF 0

What if you could become a key player in a team changing a whole industry? With the PROlivumUNO olive harvesting robot we will revolutionize the olive harvesting market in the near future. You can support us on this exciting journey with your expertise, passion and personality. We are looking for someone who can support us in her/his spare time or up to 50%.  We are currently developing the robot and are looking for an Mechanical Engineer and potential  Co-Founder to join our team. Here are a few skills that make you the right fit: 

  • Light weight construction 
  • CAD  
  • Programming 
  • Team player 
We are building the olive harvesting robot within the next 12 months that will reduce olive harvesting costs up to 60%. Some major advantages of the PROlivumUNO compared to our competition are: 
  • Faster harvesting rates 
  • Ultra lightweight 
  • Flexible usage 
  • Gentle to the olive tree 
  • Autonomous 
We are not just that one idea. Here is what we have achieved already: 
  • Intellectual property has been registered, our product is protected for the future 
  • We are a top ten >>venture>> team in the business idea track of 2017 
  • Build the core team with experienced Engineers and Entrepreneurs 
  • Ready to start fundraising 
Sounds interesting? Here is what you can expect if you are the right fit:  
    • Hands on work on the functional model 
    • Calculations and planning for the prototype 
    • Influence our first product and production planning 
    • Payment in either cash or equity
    • Join us now and become part of success story made in Switzerland.
Please contact us for further details: Pierluigi Pippi Tel: +41 (0)79 927 97 91 E-Mail: About Olive Harvesting Robot -> PROlivumUNO Extra Virgin Olive Oil producers have to compete against adulterated, inferior olive oil that is so much cheaper. Olive harvesting costs amount up to 60% in the extra virgin olive oil production process. To be able to compete against big olive oil companies we need to reduce olive harvesting costs for small and mid-sized producers. Our solution will reduce production costs up to 60%: 
      • Suited for flat and steep terrain 
      • Avoids damaging the tree 
      • Patent pending technology 
      • Harvesting rate 300 kg/h 
      • Carbon composite and 3D printed structure 
      • Ultra-lightweight < 300kg 
      • No more searching for harvesting personnel 
      • Suited to harvest almonds, pistachios etc. 
      • Multimillion market including Italy, Spain, Greece, USA, Australia etc. 
      • Adapts to different olive plantation types 
      • Attachable to various tractors 
      • Available semi- and fully automated 
      • Makes olive farmers competitive again 

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